Calling all creators of Music, Art , and Ideas!!

The Electric Aura is brand new and needs your submissions!
All categories are waiting to be filled--literature, music, reviews, opinions, visual arts--all are needed to fill these pages.

The main idea is quality.  The Aura needs your best!

Guidelines are simple:
-No hate driven, racist, or other unredeemably negative works will be considered.
-Please email all submissions to  Paste stories, reviews, etc. into text, attach visual works ONLY as .jpg or .gif files, and send music files only in Real Audio (.ra, .ram) or .mp3 formats.
-All submissions remain the property and copyright of the creator.  By submitting works, the creator grants Electric Aura a non-exclusive, revokable, royalty-free license to post the said work on the internet.  The creator may request by email the removal of said work; Electric Aura will comply with such request in a reasonable amount of time.
-Electric Aura has final editorial control over all materials submitted for use on website.  While Electric Aura does not forsee changing any work submitted, Electric Aura reserves the right to do so for editorial and/or legal purposes.
-Currently, Electric Aura does not pay for submissions.

If you have any questions, please email

At this time, Electric Aura is not a money-making venture.  Indeed, profit is not the aim of this website.  The Aura is an exchange, presented in as non-commercial a way as possible.  Please be respectful in your use of this site.

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