Welcome to the Devil's Country Club

LunaGroova Microcosm

Welcome to the LunaGroova Microcosm!

Please remain standing with arms and head outside of the vehicle; if you don't cross into the unknown, we will never get there.
LunaGroova is a funk/rock/jazz/psychedelic/whoknowswhat band. We strive to be creative, and take musical foolishness very seriously.
This page is our newest outlet to the world. Please browse around. Check our news connection for the latest jive about the band. Look at a few of our upcoming shows. Learn about our history as band. Write me a letter. Whatever, just DO something, here, there, wherever.



AHA!!!!RealAudio Clips are here at LAST!!! (and some new ones too!)Click here to hear LunaGroova!

Boomerangs, Lynagh's, and Firehouse--Oh My!! Come and Get it in the gig page! Also, LunaGroova has a new snail mail address. Go to 411 Connection for that!
Check out the stuff for our official "under the counter" recordings available to you. (as well as other 'stuff')

Catch all the latest jive about the Lunascene at 411 connection--
We have a new Email address for the whole band, LunaGroova@yahoo.com Drop the Guys a line (we want to know who is looking at us!!)
  • The Electric Aura: You NEED to see this! (The Electric Aura has its own page now, link to it through this link.)
  • Read the latest Article about LunaGroova in the Kernel

  • Wow! A current picture of the band (?!)
    From the left: Chris, John K., Ron[top], Kevin[bottom], Steve, and John R.
    Ahh, how Cute!
    [taken backstage at The Firehouse in Richmond, April 1998]
    Click Here for an older picture of the band.

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    This is good enough for a laugh

    1997 beezeltown@aol.com

    (Hopefully you will be able to find some LunaGroova stuff here before too long!)

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